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A Bit of Stress and My Weekly Life Essentials

Hey bae <3

So this past week has been something approaching hell! Omg so much stress, and so to relax I’ve had a super chilled weekend, after my exam on Saturday morning at 8am (thanks Sciences Po), of sleep, an awesome vegetable stir-fry and blogging fun.

I’ve another blog up for you as well, looking at my new French skincare products. But I know that’s not for everyone so I’ve got this one to document the week of hell and to plan my days ahead as Mid-Term Exam Week continues.

So last week, what am I complaining about? Well, Thursday I had an oral presentation on Montesquieu, speaking particularly on The Persian Letters, then Friday morning I had my OFII appointments to validate my visa. This included a chest x-ray and a medical appointment and heaps of paperwork fun.

Friday I also had an essay to hand in on Simone de Beauvoir’s idea that one is not born but rather becomes a woman and its relation to the concept of the sentimental family. Then Saturday morning a mid-term exam on corporate law. All the stress!!

So what is up this week??

Well, tomorrow I’m doing the weekly shop, which is always exciting. Included on the list is a new tea towel after I accidently set one on fire today. Adventure times! I’ll also be going into the Free Phone Store to organise my account.

In terms of study, I shall be studying for another exam this coming Saturday, on European Politics and History, while also working on a French Presentation talking about Victor Hugo for next week. I’ll then begin work on a presentation on the refugees of World War Two and preparation for a Law Panel.

Looking forward to, because it’s not all bad, an upcoming trip to Disneyland and some visits from some lovely Aussie friends. I’m keen to get into some volunteering here so I’ll let you know how I go with that! Also did a bit of cheeky online shopping and am now awaiting some clothes and SUPER EXCITEMENT – a David Bowie Mug!!!

Super little store!

The mate James Bay

This is my mate James Bay with said mug, which is now on its way to me from Jolly Brown Vintage in Hitchin. I must say the Jolly Brown staff have been so incredibly lovely so I highly recommend them to any from the area!

I feel like while you’re on exchange you feel like you need to be constantly having adventures, but there are also real life things to attend to, and truthfully real life things can be the best part of an exchange! To make sure I can be as organised as possible in the coming weeks I have redone my schedule making sure I fit in fun and study, heaps of chances to perfect my French and to travel around.

So what does this schedule include?


In an ideal day, I try to start the morning off with at least 10 minutes of meditation and then about half an hour of very bad dancing (with the door locked obviously because that can be pretty scary)

Dancing of this week occurred to:
Modern Love- David Bowie, Jungle Love- Morris Day and The Time, Beast at the Door- Wyvern Lingo, Saving all my Sinning- Lake Street Dive, Monday- Matt Corby and Adele’s cover of The Raconteurs’ Many Shades of Black. #musicislife

I feel like starting my day off this way, makes the rest, even if it’s a train wreck, slightly less crappy.

The second thing I make sure I fit in is some opportunity to practice my French, the whole point of my exchange after all! With my incredibly-anal planning personality, I have even made a schedule. So here it is, it might be useful if you too are studying a foreign language…

A listening day: 10 minutes on duolingo, a French YouTube video, watching the news, some listening exercises from

A writing day: 10 minutes on duolingo, French TV, writing about something I’ve learnt this week in a class

A speaking day (my weakness): 10 minutes on duolingo, French TV, Oral Tutorial at university, practice speaking on a random subject off the cuff

A chill day: 10 minutes on duolingo and French TV, with morning class

A reading day: 10 minutes on duolingo, French TV, read a magazine, read a french blog

A chill day: 10 minutes on duolingo and TV

Film Day: Duolingo and TV and French Film

And then the last of my essentials every week is…

For this second part of my semester I’m making Thursday and the weekend my adventure times! Thursday in Reims and the weekend either here, somewhere else in France or in Europe beyond. These are a great way to make friends and also present plenty of opportunities to perfect French.

So that’s about it, folks! Sorry, it was sort of all over the place today but that’s what stress does to you! Make sure you tune in Thursday for a post on some of my favourite travel bloggers!


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    March 14, 2016 at 3:48 am

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    Rachel C
    March 30, 2016 at 10:08 am

    I may have to take up a half hour of dancing in the morning. Sounds like an awesome way to get motivated for the day ahead. I’m also curious as to how you set a teatowel on fire but I’m sort of afraid to ask. 😛

    • Reply
      March 30, 2016 at 1:48 pm

      hahaha it really is! So much musical happiness and <3 Okay so don't judge me but I didn't realise that one of my hotplates was just slightly turned on, and the side of my teatowel was on it, so I guess setting on fire is an overstretch haha but it started smoking and is now completely charred haha

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