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My Online World: Favourite Blogs and Podcasts

So I live on the internet, no surprise to most of you! And today I wanted to share a few of my favourite online sites; podcasts, blogs, vlogs etc. I’ve limited most of these to travel or France related content but a few others have snuck in. Hope you enjoy getting to know some of these super peeps, would love to hear your recommendations too! (1)

Another blog you might like… (Hint: you’re reading it right now) X


So I’ll start with some blogs…

Wanderings and Wondering
The radiant Rachel blogs about travel, books, university, and many important issues including, recently, anxiety and International Women’s Day. One day she will undoubtedly be a famous author and you’ll get to say you read her blog before she was all over the magazines. So go on and feast on her genius…

Adam H Gambrel
One of my friends from Reims! He not only blogs about his adventures but also creates lovely YouTube vlogs so you can get to (almost) meet him too!! I love them all, but must say my fave was the one with the crepe burning. Future Oscar-winner right here ladies and gentlemen.

Nicky in France / The Lady in Curls
One of my lovely Canadian friends who I’ve had the pleasure to meet in Reims! Check her out for general hilariousness, pretty pictures, supermarket adventures and pretty rad picnics.

Ink and Papyrus
A. E. Browne’s Ink and Papyrus is a brilliant insight into the life of a writer. She is also not actually called A. E. Browne, it’s a pseudonym, I know her real name which makes me feel incredibly important. Again, a future award-winning novelist. I love my friends.

Sofie from Wonderful Wanderings
She writes in both English and Dutch! Woah the skill! Hailing from Belgium, Sofie has documented her travels across North America, Africa, Europe and Asia, while also producing a series of wonderful walking tours in a range of German and Belgian cities. Killing it.

Cahner’s Travel Project
Another stellar blog! She went on exchange to France and was inspired to start documenting her travels, what a trendsetter! She now has a super awesome travel blog with adventures from Africa, the Americas and Europe.

The Tourist of Life
Yvonne writes in both Dutch and English and has travelled to over 20 countries in Europe and around the world! One of my favourite articles was this one on the arrondissements of Paris! Just generally awesome complete with lovely photos!

A Modern Girl’s Travels
The fabulous Alexandria! All the photos, the bucket list series, the food around the world series. Just go visit now, please!

Curious Provence
Ashley shares her tales of Provence, mostly with food in mind, which makes for mouth-watering reading! Basically, every post makes me jealous of her culinary ability, I certainly know many of you who will appreciate these foodie adventures!

And now for some podcast goodness…

In addition to having quite possibly the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard, N Quentin Woolf of The Londonist Podcast also has exceptional knowledge of my fave city in the world, apart from Melbourne of course. Listen for ideas on some quirky things to do in lovely London or just to get a greater insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ of London life.

Stoneface Films Podcast
Okay, so nothing to do with travel or France, just some nerds talking about film, but who isn’t going to get excited about that craic? Throw in some Irish accents and heaps of geeky references and you’ve got a great time.

Soho Radio- Sali Hughes and India Knight Podcast
Also nothing about travel or France. Although it is set, as is the Stoneface Podcast above, in a place to which I am planning on travelling soon. Epic music, epic conversation on human interest-y things, two of my favourite humans. (Have I managed to not mention Sali Hughes in any blog yet?? Complete life goals)

Le Masque et la Plume
Yay. French. So Le Masque et la Plume translates to the Mask and the Feather, and is a Sunday radio show, first created in 1955! (I haven’t quite caught up with all their shows yet). Talking about books, theatre and cinema, it combines my top interests with improving my French listening skills.

The Women’s Podcast from The Irish Times
I believe a trend has become obvious. I just listen to all these podcasts for the cute accents. It’s all I care about. Haha, I jest. That is only partly true. This is a podcast that is evidently of interest for its subject material on my general existence. Caitlin Moran was on last week. #HappyTimesForLucy


More beauty directed blogs… (mostly French skincare, fashion and makeup blogs)

Hello, It’s Valentine!
This one is in French, but it also has heaps of photos so pretty easy to understand! Mostly beauty and fashion, but also travel and life. She’s got it all covered. She also has a cat called Batman, so you know she’s the coolest human going round.

The French Beauty Club
If you want beauty, think French Beauty Club. A fabulous, highly addictive insight into the French beauty world complete with cute af illustrations. In French and in English so a plus for the non-francophones! Certainly worth a visit!!!

Caroline Hirons                                                                                                                                                                                       It’s enough to get me into full fangirl mode! Okay so she’s not French but she often features French pharmacy brands in her posts. She’s also Caroline Hirons, man, I just love her so much! If skincare is your thing, Caroline Hirons is also your thing. 

La Revue de Kenza
Kenza is 29 and lives in Paris. She is outrageously cool and well-dressed. But she doesn’t stick only to fashion and beauty, also exploring travel, food, music and lifestyle. Oh my god, she is so chic. Cannot deal.

Mode and The City 
Daphné describes herself thus… J’aime l’automne, les cols Claudine, l’écossais, Le Chai Tea Latte Starbucks, Instagram, les films avec Tom Hanks et Meg Ryan, Noël, New York, Pinterest, Harry Potter et le thé. So basically, she’s the perfect human. From adorable fashion to delicious recipes for frosted Christmas cookies and wintery cocktails, you’ll find something you love!

Mango and Salt 
Victoria’s blog Mango and Salt explores her many passions, from scented candles to reading, from fangirling (always a good thing) over Harry Potter and being a super classy Paris-born, European cool cat.

Miss Pandora 
Louise is 24 and from Paris. I dare you to spend a minute on Miss Pandora without completely falling for her vintage style! So beautiful and a little different to many fashion blogs, being less focused on day-to-day threads and more on vintagey goodness. Love, love, love, love.

My Name is Odd 
I love ‘My Name is Odd’ for so many reasons. The sheer coolness of Aude Sarkamari, the photos, how it teaches you how to pronounce her name lol! So much glamspiration, at which I can only bask in wonderment.


That’s probably enough blog fangirling for today haha. You should go check all these lovelies out! Just to make it clear, no sponsorship or anything, I just love lots of people because you are all frankly amazepants.

For now, I must stop procrastinating and go read some Proust! Love you long time,


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    March 29, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    Thanks so much for featuring me! I’m happy you like Wonderful Wanderings:)

    • Reply
      March 29, 2016 at 7:01 pm

      No worries Sofie! It’s amazing, blog goals!! X

  • Reply
    Rachel C
    April 1, 2016 at 11:05 am

    I could have sworn I commented but apparently not…Obviously thank you so much for featuring me (and saying my writing is “genius”), I honestly can’t say how much I appreciate it! Also thanks for giving me some new blogs to check out!! Also, can we catch up when we’re both in the same country next and just fangirl over Caroline Hirons because omg that woman gives me life! Xx

    • Reply
      April 1, 2016 at 11:54 am

      No worries Rachel <3 Yes!!! We must catch up and talk about Caroline and buy all the skincare our hearts desire X

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