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Conquering your fears ft. David Bowie mug

My internet lovelies!

My apologies that this is coming very late, I’ve just been preparing for a weekend adventure to Lille and finishing off some paperwork! (French administration, gotta love it) I hope you’ve all had a most enjoyable week and that you’ve a nice relaxing weekend planned to recuperate.

Today I wanted to talk about conquering your fears. I know that wherever you are while reading this, there will likely be something, whether in the pit of your stomach or the forefront of your mind, that’s worrying you. It might be seemingly insignificant, it might be massive, either way you have a right to your feelings.

For so long I have tried to avoid fear completely, but I’ve recently come to see that a manageable dose is actually healthy and shows that you are living your life to the best of your ability.

Living overseas has already presented quite a few trials to overcome, ones that I can’t imagine overcoming mere months ago. That these are things everyday people do each week could make me feel childish, and lets face it I kinda am. But I also know that so many people that seem to have things together might not be as composed as they externally suggest.

And so today I am making a toast, with my virtual flute of bubbly, to all of us who have challenged ourselves this week; with anything from the previously unthinkable to the apparently ordinary, yet mildly terrifying, tasks of life.

This is a small list of scary things I’ve done this week:

*Note: You may be unimpressed, but indulge me

I had my first oral presentation in France. It was in French and I spoke on the image the Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange. Pretty sure I messed up the pronunciation more than once, but I talked for 10 minutes and once it was over it was pretty satisfying. It was my third speech overall, but as my first one in French it was just a tad more petrifying.

Filled out more paperwork. Always slightly frightening but again once it was sent to the various offices I could relax a little.

Phone calls. I hate the phone anyway, add in a foreign language and I become a crumbling mess. And yet I have managed to make three phone calls in French this week. Let us hope no more are required.

Crossing roads, again another thing I hate anyway. You may be getting the impression that I am scared of most things, quite frankly a wholly accurate assumption. Well it’s even worse for me here with less traffic lights, no sound effects and super zippy Peugeots.

And then tomorrow I’m using BlaBlaCar to get to Lille. It’s a very popular service in Europe, I guess just carpooling with strangers. So that will be fun and not scary at all. In all honesty I’m sure this will be fine and I can’t wait to update you all on either Sunday, or perhaps Monday, on my Lillian adventures!

In the realm of things that are not scary, I’ve been planning my Spring Break, YAY! Seriously looking forward to it so much and I’ll be visiting Luxembourg, Paris and Brussels. Again, you’ll hear more about this soon!

In addition to the many scary things with which this week has presented me, it has also delivered some pretty stellar moments of chocolate crepes and pain au chocolat fun, ordering the prettiest David Bowie mug in the world and getting tweeted by both James Bay and Lake Street Dive. So ultimately for all the scary times, I’ve been wonderfully rewarded for challenging myself (not that buying crepes is really a challenge?) but meh.

I hope wherever you are you feel ready to confront your fears and full of hope for the other side. Accomplishments and yummy pastries await.


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